Murals and Backdrops pg.1
For the house less ordinary...
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Decorative painting designed for the space...

playroom mural tree
playroom mural castle
A work in progress...
Robbie background sky

One of my painted skies in Robbie the Reindeer 2: The Lost Tribe

bedroom mural
bedroom sky mural

A girl's bedroom designed by the girl herself...

Wallace and Gromit backdrop

This is a backdrop in a different scale - stop-frame animation interior size...

This was all party decor artwork for a Beatles themed event.

Beatles backdrop sketch
Beatles backdrop

...then with added colour....

A Beatles backdrop... in black and white...

Beatles painted floor

The floor in front of the backdrop for the live band...

And of course the yellow submarine!

yellow submarine cut-out
little fluffy clouds backdrop
fiberglass car backdrop

A sky in process for the Kansas City Science Museum...

A car and a flag backdrop for the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C.

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